ROI-based business analysis, solution architecture and product delivery
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We’re a specialised team of business-first technology people who focus on understanding the operational challenges faced by lenders and aim to simplify these challenges through the application of some proven principles. Our objective is to harmonise the people, processes and technology involved.
What we are best at

What we do well

Understanding your business
1. Understand strategic business objectives
2. Assess current tech landscape against obectives
3. Identify opportunities to digitally evolve and align with objectives
4. Present ROI-based solution proposals
Designing and planning solutions
1. Design solutions based on their strategic or tactical objectives
2. Encourage business-led rather than technology-led decisions
3. Aim to build only what is neccessary
Delivering solutions
1. Our experienced agile coaches observe and learn
2. Implement principle-based process changes as opposed to following rule-based processes
3. Obsessive focus on time to market. Getting product live is the goal
How we do it

Our approach

1. Observe and learn to make sure we understand your business

2. Build relationships with stakeholders to understand their challenges

3. Design simple solutions and processes around our core principles of business understanding, empathy and ownership

4. Handover the management of the operation to the in-house team

5. Where it makes sense we will recommend the implementation of our SaaS solution neolend and / or a bespoke solution
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We're based in White City, London, The United Kingdom